Club Chairman Nominated for Cheshire FA Award



We are thrilled to announce that our Chairman Mike Clews has been nominated for the Cheshire FA child safeguarding and welfare award for 2016/2017 season.

The award recognises an outstanding contribution to football, its participants and its development in the community.

The awards ceremony will take place on the 8th September at Edgeley park.

We are delighted with Mike’s well deserved nomination given all the hard work he put into the role and the commitment of our wonderful volunteers to ensure best practice, compliance with the regulations and most of all the safety and welfare of all the children who play for the club.

Upon receiving the nomination Mike said.. “This nomination is about the club”. “Everything we do and the support we provide each other to create the best possible fun and safe environment for children to play”. “We have taken great strides in progressing our club, becoming a charter standard club, leading the way in reforming club registration and fee payment structures and ensuring that any child regardless of ability AND financial situation can play”. “We are an inclusive club across all the communities of Stockport and cost should never be a barrier to participation in any sport”. “Stockport Dynamoes is growing rapidly each season and we are progressive in expanding our horizons of leagues our children participate in constantly creating opportunity to play”. “We are proud members of 4 junior leagues and 1 Adult league”. “Whilst I am humbled personally to be nominated for the award, the nomination is a testament to the dedication of all our volunteers for all the hard work we all do”.

We are all crossing our fingers for the September 8th!!