Membership Conditions


(Members of the East Manchester Junior Football League, Manchester Respect League, Stockport & District Sunday Football League, Stockport Metro League & Timperley & District Junior Football League)






MEMBER – A Member of the club is a parent or guardian of a child under the age of 18 years of age registering with the Club.

PLAYING MEMBER – A player over the age of 18 registering with the Club.

PLAYER – A player under the age of 18


Membership shall be granted at the discretion of the Club Management Committee upon completion of the online registration process, payment of the agreed registration fee and the setting up of the direct debit mandate OR payment of the agreed fee in full. Eligibility to play shall be granted, upon receipt of a duly completed League Registration Form. Registration is subject to acceptance by the relevant league.

Membership will only be accepted when completed via the clubs website at and upon the acceptance of the conditions of membership and acceptance of the adult code of conduct. No other forms of registration will be accepted.

Any Player or Playing Member who is not registered via the clubs website at will not be permitted to play or train with the club until the registration process has been completed. Any unregistered player playing or training with the club will not be covered under the clubs insurance policies and it will be deemed to be playing or training at the Member and Players own risk, with no liability to the club.

Membership Fees

Membership fees must be paid in accordance with the clubs requirements set out on the clubs website. Failure to adhere to the required payment(s) will result in membership being suspended or terminated, making the Player or Playing Member ineligible to play until membership fees are brought up to date. The club will not grant any refund of any money already paid to the club and the club reserves its rights to pursue any member for remaining unpaid membership fees.

Direct Debit

Should the Member or Playing Member choose to make payment of membership fees by direct debit, this facility is available only to spread the cost of the annual membership fee and does not constitute a monthly subscription. Upon registering with the club, the Member or Playing Member is liable for the full membership fee for that season regardless of whether the player completes the season or not. Should a player leave the club and stop their direct debit payments, the club will pursue Member or Playing Member for any remaining balance.

Should the clubs appointed direct debit merchant be unable to collect payment on any given month from the Member or Playing Members nominated bank account or should the direct debit mandate be cancelled, the default must be rectified within 14 days otherwise the player will automatically be suspended until the remaining balance of fees for the season are paid or if a new payment arrangement has been agreed and authorised by the clubs treasurer. The club reserves its rights to pursue any remaining membership fees not paid

Eligibility to Play

All Players or Playing Members must be ‘bona fide’ amateurs and players will not, for the duration of their membership, be permitted to represent any other Football Club without first obtaining consent in writing from the appropriate Club secretary and team manager together with the permission of Stockport Dynamoes management committee.

Members or Playing Members MUST contact the team manager or appropriate club representative if the player is not able to attend a scheduled training session. Members or Playing Members MUST also contact the team manager, using the method requested by the team Manager, and by the date or time as requested by the team manager, to confirm if a player will be available to play in arranged fixtures. If a Member or Playing Member fails to inform the team manager as above, it will be assumed that the player is unable to attend the arranged fixture. It is the responsibility of each Member or Playing Member to ensure that a player is able to get to/from games. Transport to/from games/training is not the responsibility of the team manager/coach or of the Club.


Any Player or Playing Member who misses 2 consecutive training sessions without a valid reason or without informing the team Manager may be suspended from playing (at the team manager’s discretion). Subsequent offences in missed training sessions may result in further suspensions or may ultimately result in termination of membership. Membership may be terminated by a majority vote by Club’s management committee, with or without the team manager’s consent.


There will be NO REFUNDS in respect of any membership fees paid if a player leaves the Club for any reason (except in exceptional circumstances and agreed  by the majority of the Clubs Management Committee). If a Member or Playing Member requests a transfer of a player to another club, transfer will be granted subject to the rules of the relevant league. The FULL balance of outstanding membership fees MUST be made prior to departure from the club along with the return of any kit or equipment before the club will consent to the transfer.

Playing Equipment

All football kits/training tops/equipment remains the property of the Club, and MUST be returned if a player leaves or whose membership is terminated. The Club will not release a player until all kit and equipment has been returned.Should the kit or equipment not be returned the Club will invoice the Member or Playing Member to cover the cost of replacement.

Members and Playing Members will be required to reimburse the Club for damage caused to the Club’s property outside normal Club activities.  It is a requirement of the F.A. that shin guards be worn for ALL training sessions as well as for ALL matches.

Playing Kit & Training Kit

Players or Playing Members when representing the club at training or matches MUST only wear the kit or clothing provided by the club in the clubs designated manufacturer for that season, no other brand of kit which has the clubs badge must be worn during club activities.

Should a Player or Playing Member lose or damage any item of the kit or clothing provided by the club, this must be replaced immediately at the Playing Member or Members expense by either placing an order with the clubs committee or via the clubs online shop.


The Club shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or injury incurred by its Members, Playing Members  or Players whether caused directly or indirectly in the course of any Club activities. The Club has taken out insurance to protect its members in the case of serious injury or public liability claims. Therefore, no representative of the Club shall admit liability in any case. All potential claims and injuries should be reported to the Club Secretary as soon as possible.

Playing Time

Paying the membership fee ensures that the player has a place in ‘the squad’, but does not guarantee a place in the team, or starting line-up. Team selection is the sole responsibility of the relevant team manager and his/her decision is final, however, a team managers decision may be overruled by the Club’s management committee where a player has not met his/her financial obligations to the Club.


All Members, Playing Members and Players shall at all times uphold the reputation of the Club; and abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct; and shall not by word or action, bring the reputation of the Club, League or game into disrepute. The Club’s Management Committee has the power to suspend or terminate the Membership of any Member, Playing Member or Player who, in its opinion is guilty of such action. Any abuse, both physical or verbal, directed towards, referees, any team Manager, Club coach, or other Club member will be deemed to be ‘Gross Misconduct’, and may result in immediate termination of membership.

Any Playing Member or Players who is cautioned for Foul and Abusive Language or Descent, WILL reimburse the Club for any administration fees/fines imposed by the relevant FA or any other governing body. Players cautioned for violent conduct or for bringing the game into disrepute WILL also be required to reimburse the Club for any administration fees imposed by the FA. Players who are cautioned or sent off during games may be asked to reimburse the Club for any administration charges or fines imposed by the FA (subject to team manager and management committee’s discretion).

Any adult or spectator who is disciplined by the FA for offences on the touchline shall be personally liable for any fines imposed on them. Their details will be passed on to the FA’s legal department if requested by the FA.


To comply with the FA Respect Policy, all parents, guardians and spectators are required to watch the game from behind the barrier provided along the side of the pitch. Team managers, team coaches, substitutes and club officials are the only people permitted to occupy the opposite touchline. Parents or Guardians must also agree to abide by the FA Respect Policy before any membership is considered.

S.D.F.C conditions of membership