Cheadle Town – Community Fund


Our local nieghbours Cheadle Town FC are entered into the Aviva community fund and they are apply for a grant so that they can invest in their site and renovate their community classrooms.

It’s that time of year again when we put our names in the hat to receive a share of the annual AVIVA Community Fund grant.

Our project has yet again been selected as one of those that you can vote on and we would love it if you could spare the time to give it a push.

The Project

One of our long-term goals is to become a hub for the local community.

Including them in our project is essential. We have gone a distance in drawing the community on side with this as we have with the local council.

Before the project is implemented we will have a full meeting with the community, the council, local councillors and ourselves and integrate the best of the ideas from all quarters.

The project would be that the club would complete the renovation of the modular classrooms we acquired from Stockport Grammar School and offer the facilities that provides to the local community for sustainable self managed group activities.

The unadopted land immediately outside the gate is often used for fly tipping; this would be eradicated by adding gates to deter the tipping yet leaving a pedestrian gate open at all times to allow the community the same access they have enjoyed over the years.

Next we would look to administer the rather sorry looking piece of land at the Tennyson Road end of the stadium. This is ripe for improvement and the playing surface can be brought up to standard allowing the community’s young players to benefit and be more eager to join in local sports.

Once these things are put in place the community will benefit by being able to hold fetes, craft fairs and sundry open air activities on it.

The last piece of the project would be to offer the local junior school that again adjoins our land the use of these facilities in return for being able to use their parking facilities outside of school hours to accommodate community event parking. All profits from this would be shared with the school making it a win win proposition.

How You Can Vote

All you need to do is click on the VOTE HERE button below.

Please see details of their project below and click the link to vote!!


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